Wellness Wednesday: Upgrade your Workouts with U-Sox

It’s a new year, which means everyone will be hitting the gym or better yet, starting that new year’s resolution to get healthy. For a Fitness Professional like myself, this means that I get more students in classes and when teaching, I need to be more energetic and more thorough. So, in order to help me get going, I make sure my body feels good from head to toe and that’s why I use fun socks from U-Sox on my feet to help me feel my very best especially as a female.

Me in my u-Sox

U-Sox is a premiere sock line designed exclusively for the active, stylish woman. Whether you’re serving up aces on the tennis court, teaching many group exercise classes weekly like myself, setting a new PR on the trail, working on your golf swing or simply logging some serious miles at the mall, they’ve got your feet covered, with an always-changing assortment of colors and patterns to match your vibrant lifestyle. New styles are released regularly on u-sox.com and start at an affordable price of $7.50.

Each pair of U- Sox is expertly crafted from the highest quality materials at the company’s mill in Brescia, Italy. TheU-Sox is part of Arcos, Srl., an Italian manufacturer of specialized socks. The company also makes Amazon best-selling Vitalsoxathletic socks, Travelsox graduated compression travel socks, and Eurosock winter sport socks. The company’s founder is Giuliano
Cortinovis, a 30-year veteran of the textile industry. And although all the products are directly manufactured in Italy, they are distributed by its sister company Sockwise, Inc. in the US in Tucson, Arizona.

So, when starting (or continuing) an active lifestyle, be sure to take care of your feet to keep you going and choose u-Sox to help you succeed in 2018!


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