Travel Tuesday: Taking care of Transportation for a Girls Night Out in San Francisco

Thank you to SF Limo for this guest post.

Putting aside the time for getting together with the ladies is a great idea when you’re a busy mom. Whether you work from home or commute daily, you don’t need us to remind you that it’s tough work balancing life and taking care of business.

Don’t underestimate the stress relief of being with your girls adventuring around San Francisco! While it is admittedly hard to get everybody on the same page for a planned night of fun, reserving transportation is a great way to get everybody committed to a night out of convenient and safe adventuring.

There are a ton of different activities and destinations to consider when you’re in San Francisco looking for a great time. Plus, there’s a little something for everybody when you consider the diversity in the area. Here are a couple of our favorite picks to consider for an entertaining and engaging night out with friends.

          Beyond Canvas
          1021A Valencia

   This art school offers a great selection of classes to peruse, but most notable for              groups looking to have fun happens to be their Paint & Wine option. This two hour          workshop allows you to learn step by step from local instructors while enjoying wine    and beer with your friends.

          Aerial Artique
          132 9th, Suite 302

   For those who enjoy a bit of physical activity, you can’t go wrong with an interactive      class here. Aerial silks are a great place to begin, and they also have low pressure            aerial yoga that’s an extremely calming experience. All of the instructors here are          patient and knowledgeable, so it’s an awesome bonding experience with a group.

Be sure to consider transportation for your night out! Not only is it the responsible thing to do if you plan on drinking, but it’s also a way to add an extra layer of fun with amenities like stream-ready audio systems, neon lighting, and spacious dance floors. Plus, it’s just as affordable as your favorite ride share service when you split the cost among everybody involved. For more information, head over to SF Limo!

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