Make it Monday: DIY Funfetti Soy Candle

Happy Monday!

Recently, I’ve been trying out different DIY projects and bought candle making items at Michael’s/Beverly’s craft stores. Dahlia asked me what I was making when I tried to make my first candle and since then, she was intrigued.

She asked me if she could help me make one, so I found this fun and colorful Funfetti candle idea via, but also added Vanilla extract to mine for scent. Within about 10 minutes, Dahlia had made her first candle and had a colorful tongue to show for it after eating all the leftover sprinkles. All in all, it was simple enough for a three-year-old to complete and a lovely little candle that can also make a great birthday gift!

Here’s how we did it:

1. First, gather all your ingredients and items needed:

  • Soy wax for candle-making (bought at Michael’s)
  • Mason jar (I used a 4 oz. jar)
  • Candle Wick (bought at Beverly’s)
  • Karo Syrup or Corn Syrup
  • Sprinkles (mixed in a bowl)
  • Vanilla extract
  • Microwaveable Bowl

2. Next, I microwaved the wax at 30 sec. increments until it was all melted. Once melted completely, add in a few drops of Vanilla extract and mix together.

3. While microwaving the wax, I coated the perimeter of the mason jar with the Corn Syrup. I literally took a spoonful and just coated the edges.

4. Next, Dahlia helped me with this part — sprinkle the sprinkles! all around the edges and bottom where the Corn Syrup is.

5. Now, you add the candle wick and normally, you’d need something to hold it still like dowels or chopsticks, but because you coated the edge with corn syrup, it should stick right to the bottom. Dahlia did this part too!


6.  Once that’s centered, pour in the hot wax and voila!

7. After it’s completely dried, you can add the lid back on without the center piece and a fancy ribbon.

This was so simple and easy — you could use so many different types of sprinkles. We hope you enjoy and try it out for yourself too!

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