“Make it” Monday:  Pumpkin Decorating Alternatives

‘Tis the season for pumpkin everything!
This weekend, I hosted another Craft Night at my house and appropriately, we decorated pumpkins 3 different ways!  I have done real pumpkin carving in the past and it got very, very messy.  So, I thought, with a toddler now walking around everywhere, how can I still get my pumpkins decorated without making a huge mess?!  AHA!  Alas, the fake foam pumpkin!  Thanks, Michael’s and the Michael’s Halloween Sale.  (Everything was 50% off and I used an additional coupon for 50% off an item, SCORE!) And don’t worry, I still got a few real pumpkins for Dahlia’s sake too!

Pumpkin Decorating Alternative #1:  Foam Pumpkin Carving

Below is one of my friends’ ‘fake’ pumpkins she was able to carve using the electric cutter and an exacto knife.  She painted the back half of the pumpkin yellow and painted the trim of the Golden State Warriors’ logo blue.  No seeds, no fibers, no scooping, and no mess here!  Just a bit of paint and though she had trimmed a piece of the bridge off, she was able to hot glue gun it back together,  you wouldn’t have been able to do that with a real pumpkin.  When it was all dry, she added in a fake flickering tea light.  DONE!

I also love that she can keep this for many years to come too!

Pumpkin Decorating Alternative #2:  Foam Sticker Kit

On the far right, is my friends’ son’s real pumpkin he had picked up at a pumpkin patch.  Michael’s had these super cute Foam Sticker Kits that you can decorate the pumpkins with.  They chose the Pirate Kit and I actually had a Mummy Kit for Dahlia that came with foam sticker eyes and cheese/gauze cloth to wrap the pumpkin in.  I love how easy these kits are and they look great too!  They were ~$2.99 per kit & with the sale, they were only $1.50!

Pumpkin Decorating Alternative #3:  Paint it…

Simple!  These pumpkins were made to look like delicious treats & painting them made it very easy.  It also made me want donuts.  I wonder why.  These were a mix of both real & fake pumpkins.

You can also get very detailed with painting your pumpkin too.  One of my co-workers decided to paint her mini pumpkin with so much detail & of course, it fits the Halloween theme very well!


Whatever you choose to do, make it a fun experience for whoever is involved, whether it’s a child or an adult.   Enjoy, have a great week, & happy decorating everyone!

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