Travel Tuesdays: Local Edition – California Academy of Sciences | San Francisco, CA


The California Academy of Sciences is one of my favorite museums, period.  It’s  not only baby-friendly & kid-friendly, but adults of all ages can enjoy it too!  If you’re looking for an afternoon of learning in the city, this could be it.

Though the general admission for entry is pricey, it’s good to know that San Francisco residents get FREE admission on a couple of weekends shown here:

In addition to that, once a quarter, the academy has a FREE admission day to the General Public.  The next one is Sunday, June 7, 2015:

We went on a FREE to the general public day and came early.  Be aware the lines are long but have patience and you’ll get in.


Here’s daddy & Dahlia waiting so patiently in line.  And because Dahlia was so small when we went, we didn’t rush and made sure she saw the main attractions.  We didn’t see the planetarium or walk through the rainforest during this trip, but these are must-do’s if you come here for the first time.


We went during the Skulls Exhibit & were quite impressed with the amount they had.


We, of course, saw the infamous Albino Alligator.  I have been coming to see him since college, so he must be getting up there in age.


As soon as we took Dahlia into the aquarium section, she fell asleep because it was so dark in there.  At least the hubby and I enjoyed it.


As soon as we moved into a light-filled area, she woke up & was able to see the very playful penguins.  Later, we bought a penguin book from the gift shop to remember this trip.


Next, we went outside so I could nurse Dahlia & as I was feeding her, I noticed this statue of a Mama Bear feeding her cub, how appropriate.  Now it was time for us parents to eat!  The cafeteria at the academy has some great food.  So, be sure to stop by for a yummy lunch.


Lastly, we headed to the living roof to check out the views….


When you’re all done, be sure to walk around & enjoy the scenery or take a stroll in Golden Gate Park; this is city-living at its finest.  Enjoy!




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  1. Love the pics from the museum! It’s been awhile since I’ve been there – I’ll have to go check it out again.

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