Foodie Fridays: New England Lobster Co. | A Hidden Gem in Burlingame| Kid-Friendly + Pet-Friendly


It’s Flashback Friday and I can’t believe how little Dahlia looks in these photos :(.  She must’ve been about 7-8 months old.  Time is flying by so quickly that I can’t believe Fall is already here, but here in the Bay Area, it doesn’t feel like it!  This “Indian Summer” has got me thinking about outdoor dining with the baby and the pups & New England Lobster delivers on meeting all of the requirements.  Maybe we’ll stop here for a meal after the long week we’ve had! Enjoy!

New England Lobster Co. is a perfect place to stop by and have lunch when the sun is out and you want to eat outdoors.  Also, if you’re headed to or from the San Francisco Airport, this hidden gem is close by and is both kid-friendly & pet-friendly.  You’ll be sure to leave to your next destination a very happy person.

Review:  New England Lobster Co. | Burlingame, CA


Ambiance:   Casual Cafeteria Style & Outdoor Dining


Kid-Friendly:  Absolutely!  Both indoor and outdoor space are great for kids.  They have have high chairs available as well which are better than the standard wooden ones.


Pet-Friendly:  Yes!  Outdoors, of course.  Both Bella & Tajia were happy to join us on a warm sunny day outside at the picnic tables.  There were 2 other dogs with their owners as well.


Cuisine:  Quick-Serve Seafood

Price: $$

Rating:  4 out of 5

Service:  Good (Cafeteria Style)

I gave New England Lobster Co. a 4 because although the sandwiches are amazing, they are priced high for size of the sandwich, however I know you’re getting good quality lobster.  Somehow, it always leaves me wanting more! 🙂 Overall, we are always happy to come here, yet can’t come too often because the price point is higher than average for a sandwich and chips.  The quality of the food shows through time and time again.  So, whenever you get the chance and are in the area, stop by and eat here!  It won’t disappoint.

Here is what we ordered: (listed as shown)

  • Dungeness Crab Soup
  • Naked Lobster Sandwich (Mayo, Salt & Pepper) Combo comes with homemade chips and coleslaw





I love that this is a QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) and has a very relaxed atmosphere.  A third of the restaurant is also dedicated to selling their fresh seafood as well.  My husband had bought some lobsters one year for our anniversary and I remember it turning out great!  We love this place and all of their options, just wish they didn’t run out of their chocolate whoopie pies! 🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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