Travel Tuesday: Local Edition – Exploring the Lovely Glen Park Neighborhood

Happy Travel Tuesday!

A few weeks ago, I went exploring in the City and came across this amazing little neighborhood, Glen Park. In about a 2-block radius and right across the Glen Park BART station are a bunch of shops and restaurants. This little section is literally everything you need in a neighborhood. You could even spend an entire day here if you want and if you do, here’s what you should do!

Start your day at Bello Coffee and Tea for some pastries and a delicious drink or maybe even a nitro cold brew (shown below). You can even unwind in their comfy lounge area and chat with some locals.



Next, head out to one of these places (SunPorch Yoga | Fit Glen Fit) to get your workout on. Glen Park is also home to a few more small Fitness studios, so you have an abundance of options to get healthy!


After you’ve burned some calories, it’s time to go shopping! My favorite store to get everything you need from gifts, cards, jewelry, kitchen decor, home goods and kids items is Perch. Perch seems to have a bit of everything in this quaint little shop, but they best thing about them is they try to source their items locally. You can even buy a shirt or bag specifically for Glen Park. Come on in and check ’em out — they also sell items online too!










Next, head to nearby Cheese Boutique to pick up some lunch. Choose a light lunch by grabbing one of their many tasty cheeses on display or get a more hefty fill by choosing one of their delicious sandwiches. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of their selections like the Italian combo on a sweet French baguette. Yum!


If you’d rather make lunch, head to Canyon Market. This neighborhood gem is a full-service market that offers only the best ingredients. They also have a deli with yummy items on display as well.

After lunch, head to Bird & Beckett Books and Records. There aren’t many bookstores left that also have records for sale, so it’s definitely one you need to check out. If you come on the weekend, be sure to stop by on Saturdays for some Jazz, a special treat that the store offers.

Next, make your way to the Walter Haas Park & Playground for an undeniably beautiful view of the City. This is a perfect spot to come if you have kids, dogs or just want to walk around. They have a nice playground, dog run and even a basketball court if you want to play a game of pick up ball. A perfect place to bring your sandwich or groceries for a mid-day picnic as you watch the sun set.

Is it time for dinner yet? There are a few restaurants for dinner here, but a lot of people like going to Gialina Pizzeria for some delicious pie. Any of their pizzas will do, but don’t forget to add that egg on top! If you want to stay for dessert, I’d suggest their Nutella pizza — you can never go wrong with Nutella!


If you still have room for dessert, head to Cuppa which is a cute little froyo & boba spot where you can also sit and hang out as well. Dahlia and I also played one of their board games that are available to all customers.



Now, its time to head home after your long day in Glen Park or you can stay all night to bar hop. Either way, you’ve spent an amazing day in this special and hidden little gem of a neighborhood in Glen Park. Time to hop on BART and head home!

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