Wellness Wednesday: Updated – Five More Indoor Playgrounds for Kids (and Adults) in the Bay Area

I wrote this post last March and let me tell ya, now is the time to take those kids indoors again. As I was walking to my car from work in the crazy sideways rain, I kept thinking about where else I would take Dahlia indoors to play if the weather was still stormy. Last weekend we took her to Hop n’ Play and I thought it would be appropriate to re-post this old article and add some new places we’ve been since.

Here’s five more awesome indoor playgrounds in the Bay Area, most of which we have been to.

Find my original article here for eight indoor playgrounds I’ve mentioned before:

1.  Recess – Urban Recreation | San Francisco, CA

We love Recess. We’ve now been here a couple of times for birthday parties and I must say, the space is huuuuge and the birthday are so much fun. They probably have the biggest area for the little ones and a big play structure for even big kids to climb or play hide-and-seek. There are a lot of wooden structures and Dahlia was obsessed with the mini roller coaster. Lastly, there is a room with disco lights (mild) and a swing where you can try to put your babies to sleep.

Overall, Recess is a really great space in San Francisco considering you can have a pretty good amount of people playing at once. I’d recommend this place for parties as they have a nice sized area to set up tables for food and beverages.

Price to play for one days is approx. $30 or buy a membership. They also have a ton of kid and adult enrichment classes to try as well.

2.  Sky High Sports | Burlingame, Santa Clara, and Concord, CA

Sky High Sports has multiple locations not just in the Bay Area but across the country. This trampoline park has a variety of things to play with if your not just into jumping on the trampoline.

We went to the Burlingame location for a birthday party and were pleasantly surprised that Dahlia, even at 2-years-old, could do so much. There is a smaller trampoline section she could go to without any of the big kids and was even brave enough to get on the Tarzan swing and jumped into the foam pit.

My husband and I joined in on the fun as well on the big trampoline area and would not go anywhere close to the dodgeball or basketball areas. (haha!) This was a giant space that also had a fun little arcade and multiple birthday areas.  Overall, we had a great morning and would come back for more fun! Prices range  from $14 to $26 for walk-ins.



3. Play Haven | San Francisco, Ca

Play Haven is a beautiful space in San Francisco, though not as large as the previously mentioned. Parking can be a bit tough here, but once  you come, you’ll forget about maybe getting a ticket (just kidding.)

Play Haven has a small little kids area,  an art area where supplies are available at your leisure, a nice wooden play structure and lots of toys, a rock climbing wall and an outdoor patio to get some fresh air.

We came here for a play date and stayed longer to get Dahlia tired because there was so much for her to do! She tried everything and didn’t feel like too many kids were in her way even with a birthday party also going on. There is a nice space for parents to sit and watch while you have some coffee or a snack and there is even a snack shack where you can purchase or use anything in their kitchen area.

This is a great place to come at a great price on a rainy day! Single day pass is $12 and decreases the more you buy.

 4. Mel’s Play Place |  Castro Valley, CA

A hidden gem located in a corporate park behind some buildings in the East Bay, Mel’s Play Place has it all. This is probably the biggest space of these 5 and they offer so much for kids to play with — a bouncy house, a couple of large play structures, cars to ride in, kitchens to play in and the list goes on and on And at $9, it is a steal — you’ll want to stay the whole day and know you will totally get your money’s worth.

We came here for a birthday party and Dahlia had so much fun!  She kept going back to riding the cars because the space is so large that you could actually do that here. And whenever I am in the East Bay, I would definitely make a stop here to play!

5.  Jumpity Bumpity |  Hayward, CA

Jumpity Bumpity seems like the new place to be in the East Bay. Though we have not yet gone here, I have heard and seen great things about this place. You can play for $9 an hour or $10 for the whole day.

This place reminds me a lot of Hop n’ Play in San Bruno with their motorized play rides and tunnels with an underwater theme. It’s also great that they have a section dedicated to the little ones so they don’t get too intimidated by the big kids. I know that they next time we are in the East Bay, we may just have to make a pit stop here.
Photo:  jumpitybumpity.com

I’m sure there’s tons more indoor playgrounds across the Bay Area and we definitely are willing to try!

Don’t see your favorite? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to check it out!

Happy Playing!

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