Thrifty Thursday:  $3 Easter Inspired Wreath 

A whole $3.00 and 5 minutes are all it took to make this Easter inspired wreath with items I bought from the Dollar Tree.  In 4 steps, see how you can make your own!

Here’s what I bought:

1 – wreath ring

1 – bag of Spanish moss (bought 2 but only needed one)

1 – bag of plastic Easter eggs 

Additional items I used that I already had:

1 – Glue gun

2 – Glue gun sticks

1 – pair of scissors 

Some sort of ribbon for hanging 

Here’s what I did:

1. Arranged the plastic eggs within the wreath ring  

   2.  Glued them down to the wreath ring

To make it more interesting, I glued them all in different directions.

3.  Added Spanish Moss to fill in the Gaps

Continue this process until the entire ring is covered.  

4.  Add a Ribbon for Hanging

                    …and voila!

A simple, yet fun Easter wreath for your front door or wherever you choose to hang it!


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