Wellness Wednesday:  Nike Women’s Half Marathon SF | 10.18.15

So, I have to admit that I’m still on my runner’s high from Sunday’s run.  I have tried for five long years to get into the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco & it finally happened.  It was probably my slowest time as I had to stop multiple times to stretch as my knees were giving out & use the restroom (Hey, my body is much more different after having a baby, so give me a break!), BUT I started, ran, crossed the finish line & received my shiny new Tiffany’s necklace which I have worn proudly the last two days.  I have done multiple races in the past but there is something about this race that gives me a different sense of accomplishment.  Maybe it’s the fact that this is a women’s race, or that there is a lottery to even be able to run in the race or getting the necklace or that this is the only race like this in the United States, whatever it was, it kept me trying to achieve this goal for five years.  I’m glad I didn’t give up & it just goes to show that even when you think things aren’t going your way, keep trying and eventually it’ll come your way!  This race has been on my bucket list & I can now cross it off, but of course, I enjoyed it so much that I will try again next year! 🙂

Enjoy my photos of my journey to the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco

  10.17.15 – 10.18.15


After receiving my race packet, we headed to many different stops downtown for their “walking expo.”  First up on the list was Nordstrom, where they had this giant wall to write on.  You could dedicate your run to someone/something or even jot down words of encouragement.  Of course, I dedicated my run to Dahlia.  I remember my very first half marathon in 2009, I had dedicated my run to my Aunt who has since passed, and now, whenever I do a race, I think about her.  Reading everyone’s words of encouragement got me excited for the race!


Then, we headed out to Lady Foot Locker where they had a braid bar going on.  I passed on this, but I should’ve used it if you see how my hair ended up after the race. 🙂

We then headed out to Union Square where they had a few race day items to purchase like nuun for electrolytes & Honey Stinger chews for energy throughout race & also had some photo opportunities as well!

Here is a map of the whole race and where it begins & ends.

Next, we headed out to Niketown to check out my name on the infamous wall.  There were 25,000 participants and what’s cool is Nike puts each participant name on the outside of the display window.  See if you can find my name!


We finally made our way into the store where we took more photos…

Dahlia also pretended like she was running the race & gave herself a pep talk before the big day!


The next day was the big day.  We got up at 4:30am and headed out.  The race for me, didn’t start until 6:55am.

During the race, I had to stop and take a photo of myself with the “Dahlia Garden” sign in Golden Gate Park.  I also saw a waterfall…


I got to see myself on the big jumbotron…

I saw many hills, many people…

Gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge…

… a light at the end of the tunnel…

..and a family to run to at the end of it all!

Thanks again, Nike for this amazing experience!


I’m so glad I finally got to race in this event!  It has taught me so much!  It taught me to be patient, listen to my body & persevere.  Sometimes you have to wait for the things you want most & that’s never a bad thing.  So, go out there & conquer some hills!

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