Wellness Wednesdays:  Play Center for 0-4 year olds | Diddalidoo | San Bruno, Ca

Happy Wellness Wednesday, Everyone!

As a Fitness Professional, I know how important movement is to me everyday and it’s important that I keep Dahlia moving as the weather gets cooler.  I recently came across this awesome indoor play center for babies 0 – 4 years old called Diddalidoo in San Bruno, Ca that she can come to all-year-round.  Check it out!

We came on a Friday evening & it was “Happy Hour,” which meant the day pass was cheaper.  (Yep!  I never thought I’d ever be spending Happy Hour like this before :))    A normal day pass costs $13 and “Happy Hour” cost $8.  SCORE!

They do have deals and discounts if you become a member or buy value passes & if you plan on coming here frequently, it might be worth it.  And, not only do they have Open Play & Happy Hour, they also have Date Night Drop Offs, Movie Nights, Music Classes and more!

Here is what some of the areas look like:




Here is a soft padded area in the front that has a projector screen above and lights up a variety of really fun games for the kids and adults!  My husband and I were playing soccer against each other while Dahlia played with the giant lego-type blocks in the area.

Their ‘bigger toddler’ section had fun slides and an amazing climbing structure that made me want to pretend like I was on American Ninja Warrior (and apparently my husband too!)

Dahlia loved the slide and I like that they make you wear socks and take your shoes off, safety first!

Across the way, there is a smaller section for the ‘little toddlers.’

There were so many toys to play with…

…it made mommy & daddy want a snack!

They have a cute little cafe section in the back to hang out that they could also set up for birthdays.  They also have nursing rooms and a tidy bathroom as well.

You could also purchase snacks which are all reasonably priced.  I like that they have a good array of items too.  We settled for a Nutella snack pack and Goldfish.  Dahlia liked our choices too 🙂

As Dahlia embarks on toddlerhood & walking, I have to always remember to let her play and explore.  Diddalidoo is a great place to let her be a kid and exercise her brain and muscles while being in a safe, protective environment.

She had so much fun, can’t you tell?!  I can’t wait to take her back here!  Enjoy!


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